Pregame Hangover Pill

Pregame hangover pills prevent hangover symptoms including headaches, nausea, and dizziness. This product works as a hangover cure by restoring essential vitamins and minerals that are depleted while drinking alcohol. Pregame is manufactured in the U.S. in a FDA-inspected GMP compliant facility.

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Hangovers have been around since long before the advent of Advil and Tums, which meant our ancient ancestors, had to get creative with their not-so-scientific hangover remedies. Here are a few methods of prevention and cure that seem more likely to make you bring up those nachos you ate last night at 3:00 AM than settle your stomach.

1. Raw Owl Egg and Fried Canary

The ancient Roman Pliny the Elder’s “how to avoid a hangover” recipe was to down fried canary with a side of owl eggs. Think KFC combined with Denny’s, but smaller portions.

2. Prairie Oyster

Another raw egg concoction, this was invented at the 1878 Paris World Expo. The shot consists of raw egg yolk mixed with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper. Great if you like your hangover with a side of salmonella.  3. Coca-Cola and Milk

Ritz-Carlton Hotel began providing their proprietary hangover cures in 1938. The logic seemed to be fizz for nausea, caffeine for tiredness, and milk for…who knows what.

4. Pickled sheep’s eye and tomato juice

Ancient Mongolians were convinced that a cocktail of pickled sheep’s eye and tomato juice was the perfect pick me up after a long night of conquering Eastern Europe, pillaging mercilessly, and drinking heavily.

5. Armpit Lemon

Many Puerto Ricans have, and still do, swear that rubbing a slice of lemon in your armpit before drinking will prevent a hangover. The theory goes that the lemon will help you retain water and stay hydrated. The only thing this hangover cure is helping retain is your BO if you forgot deodorant.

6. Pickled Plum

After a night of too much sake and Tokyo Drifting between bars, Japanese drinkers eat pickled, dried plums. These plums are really, really pickled. Apparently they are so sour they put warheads to shame.

7. Bloody Mary

This more contemporary hangover cure was invented in the early 1900’s in Paris. Referred to as the world’s most complex cocktail, this meal turned cocktail includes vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, horseradish, celery, olives, salt, pepper and more. We had to throw at least one reasonable cure on the list.

For the adventurous (or desperate?) drinker, we recommend trying these remedies and giving us your feedback. For the rest of us, take a Pregame hangover pill before you drink, and leave the armpit lemons and prairie oysters in the past.

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